Definition of heaven - a place where when you get there all the dogs you ever loved run to greet you.

Can. CH. Aladdin's Circle of Life

Can. Ch. Aladdin’s Bernard Bear X Can. Ch. Brookwood’s Valkyrie
Bred by Carol Edwards

Simba is our special Black and Tan boy who loves to play Frisbee. His first show was the 2005 Canadian National Specialty in Edmonton, Alberta where he placed second in his class. The next day at the Midwest Cocker Specialty he was Reserve Winners Male from the 6-9 month puppy class. Simba finished easily in very limited showing and is now training for flyball and agility.

Simba was CERF clear June 2007 and will have OFA and Thyroid testing done this fall. We look forward to competing in agility and flyball in 2008 and beyond.





Some adorable Simba puppy photos!





Can. CH. Aladdin's Gemini Dream

Crystal is our 11 year old Cocker!


Am. Ch. Brookwood Rae’s Creek X Can. Ch. Greyhaven’s What Brass
Bred by Dieter E. Herz, Reta Herz and Carol G. Edwards


Crystal moved from Reta and Dieter’s house to our house at the age of 8 weeks. She finished her Can. Championship owner handled in very limited showing with Group placements. After two litters of puppies and a bout with mammary cancer Crystal attended her first Agility Trials in October 2004 at the age of 8 years and earned her VADC (Veteran Agility Dog of Canada) title that first weekend.

At 9 years of age she participated in her 1st CKC Agility Trials where she earned her AGN title in her first 3 trials. A few months later the selected classes were offered and since then she has moved through the classes earning the AGNS, AGNJS, AGIS, AGIJS, and has her first two Excellent A Selected legs. At 11 years young she is not too fast but she is usually very accurate.





Buffy's Golden Treasure C.D.

was purchased in the spring of 1982. Being our first American Cocker Spaniel she was our introduction to this wonderful breed. The Dog Show world opened up to us after taking obedience classes with this little buff girl and being convinced by our instructor that we should compete in the local CKC Dog Obedience Trials. Lindsay attained her (CD) Companion Dog title and the rest, as they say, is history!

She shared her life with us for 12 years and we learned many things from her. After a trip to the veterinary clinic with a puppy with a fish hook stuck in her lip we learned to “keep the tackle box closed”!


She was our introduction to the world of breeding and whelping puppies and produced my second obedience dog Chi-Chi.






Lindsay’s Chi-Chi Delight C.D.

September 30, 1984 – October 23, 1996

Chi-Chi was the first puppy from Lindsay’s first litter sired by Timothy’s Oktoberfest.



Chi-Chi was the puppy that was destined not to leave us. Although she was for sale, when people came to look at the litter she would go and hide from the strangers. Not typically a shy puppy – she seemed to sense that if she acted this way – she would get to stay and right she was!

She was a wonderful companion and a very high scoring obedience dog. Many judges commented on her eagerness to please when they saw her in the ring with me.

Chi-Chi was very aptly named as she truly was a Delight!






Can. Int. Ch. Redrose N’ Aladdin Royal Flash C.D., C.G.C., F.D.

Am. Can. Ch. Echowood’s R Rebel With A Cause
X Can. Ch. Hi Tor Victorian Lace

Bred by the late Annelie Nussbaumer (Gabrielson)

I first met Annelie at a Vernon dog show where she had a rambunctious black male puppy on the end of her lead. While awaiting their turn in the ring, the puppy bounced around and rolled in the green grass at her feet. When her number was called she quickly combed the loose grass out of his coat and proceeded into the conformation ring. That image is forever etched in my mind and while I watched that puppy continue to have fun in the ring and win his class I decided this was someone I wanted to buy a puppy from. I watched her leave the ring, not wanting to interfere, as she was talking to someone else, but wanting desperately to meet her. When she was about 100 yards away I got up enough nerve to pursue her and introduce myself. She gave me her business card and told me to give her a call when I was ready.

The following spring I was looking for that new male show puppy so I wrote to Annelie and asked to be put on her waiting list. To my surprise, the phone rang only about a week later and she said she had a puppy for me if I was interested. It was a bit sooner than I had planned but I was interested. It was on this occasion in July 1988 that I met Julia Philp of Kiwi Cockers at the Kelowna airport. Julia had bought a little sable female from Annelie and Jasper was along for the ride!

From the moment we opened the crate and he marched right out (into thin air if we hadn’t caught him) he possessed a presence that carried him through his entire life! This dog would try anything you asked and do pretty darn well at it too as is indicated by his many titles in several different disciplines. Jasper also did some Agility and Tracking (although we never competed in those sports) and he was an avid swimmer.

He was so famous that for 2 years after he passed away when we did public events people I didn’t even think I knew asked about Jasper by name. He was the best ambassador for the breed that we have owned and until quite recently was the most titled dog we had owned.

We lost Jasper just before his 10th birthday to liver disease but he was “MY HEART DOG” and he is still missed terribly!